Improving Active Shooter/Hostile Event Response

The International Association of Emergency Managers released a InterAgency Board (IAB) compiled report titled: Improving Active Shooter/Hostile Event Response: Best Practices and Recommendations (September 2015 issue). Within this issue there are five main focus areas: (1) policy, (2) planning, (3) medical, rescue, and equipment, (4) training and exercises, and (5) incident command. The purpose of this report is to “…inform communities of the value and necessity of developing an integrated response to future ASHEs (Active Shooter/Hostile Events)[.]”

The information found in this report was influenced by the Active Shooter Summit that took place in March 2015. Two important objectives which the summit stated were: “[1] Share ASHE lessons learned from participating municipalities and agencies and identify similarities and differences in response plans. (2) Develop specific recommendations for integrating law enforcement, fire, and EMS response based on best practices to include in Active Shooter Response Guidelines, which is being prepared by the IAB.”

Subjects in this report also include the following: Implement Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC), Implement Casualty Collection Points (CCP), and other subjects pertaining to “situational awareness,” and “lifesaving interventions.”

The International Association of Emergency Managers also published reports regarding this subject. More information can be found here.

HSDL documents regarding “active shooters” and “how to respond” can be found here. Some documents may require log-in.


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