Implementing Drone Programs for Law Enforcement

The Department of Justice’s Office of Community Oriented Policing Services along with the Police Executive Research Forum have released a new report titled, Roadmap to Implementing an Effective Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Program. UAS technology, or drone technology, has been increasingly used by law enforcement entities over the last decade. The technology is particularly enticing as it allows the ability to observe and collect situational data without endangering any law enforcement personnel.

The report is an eight-step outline detailing the process for planning and implementing drone programs for law enforcement:

  • Drone aircraft for police and law enforcementStep 1. Determine your agency’s needs
  • Step 2. Engage the community
  • Step 3. Identify sources of funding
  • Step 4. Review state and federal laws and regulations
  • Step 5. Select and purchase your drone and associated equipment
  • Step 6. Staff your drone team
  • Step 7. Train your drone team
  • Step 8. Develop standard operating procedures

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