Human Trafficking Addressed in New Federal Strategic Action Plan

The Federal Strategic Action Plan on Services for Victims of Human Trafficking in the United States was released today, and will serve to combat human trafficking by providing guidance for federal agencies in identifying victims of human trafficking, and by providing access to recovery services through coordinated efforts by government organizations.

Together with the Department of Homeland Security’s “Blue Campaign” to end human trafficking, the White House, Department of Justice, and the Department of Health and Human Services collaborated to draft the Action Plan. With a robust victim-centereStop Human Trafficking with Handd campaign and coordinated approach to providing services, the Action Plan will have a definite impact on educating Americans to the prevalence of human trafficking, as well as methods for prevention, and victim advocacy.

Targeted goals for all departments of the U.S. government will require an increased focus on providing training to employees and to the national community at-large. With January proclaimed by President Obama as the National Human Trafficking and Slavery Prevention Month, the push for better outreach and support for victims of human trafficking is on-time and on-target.

Discover more about human trafficking in the United States: search the HSDL with “human trafficking” or “trafficking in persons” to view a robust collection of resources such as news releases, nonprofit websites, and congressional proceedings.

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