HSDL Offers Comprehensive Resources on COVID-19

microscope view of a viewAs part of our ongoing mission of collecting and disseminating relevant and important HS related information, the Homeland Security Digital Library (HSDL) has developed a special collection focused on the growing threat of novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Our new COVID-19 Special Collection includes over 1,800+ resources from leading public health organizations and government agencies, including the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Congressional Research Service, and many others, and is being updated daily.

In addition, a new In Focus is now available on COVID-19 Journal Resources containing Open Access and free of charge articles. Please note that some publishers including Elsevier, Wiley, and Springer Nature, have removed paywalls for some COVID-19-related studies. Furthermore, the collection also includes a list of selected websites covering relevant COVID-19 material.

For more information on related topics visit the HSDL Featured Topic on Pandemics and Epidemics or view other resources related to emergency preparedness.  Please note that an HSDL login is required to view some of these resources.

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