How Can We Make Cybersecurity Policy a Cybersecurity Reality? New Report Provides Fundamentals

Cyber Security In a world where many of us depend on information technology to get through the day–where computers play a role in transportation, healthcare, and banking–cybersecurity is vital to personal security. On a larger scale, it is vital to national security. Today, the National Academies Press released a prepublication copy of the report, At the Nexus of Cybersecurity and Public Policy: Some Basic Concepts and Issues which details the basics of current information technology systems and associated cybersecurity concerns, written for a general audience.

The report “offers a wealth of information on practical measures, technical and nontechnical challenges, and potential policy responses” and is a “call for action to make cybersecurity a public safety priority.” Invariably, cybersecurity continues to be a hot topic in Congress and other offices on Capitol Hill, but At the Nexus asks policy makers and IT professionals to step in on the local level to promote threat awareness, and to bring protective measures to local systems, businesses, and individuals. The report promotes the idea of cybersecurity as an ongoing process, one that will require new methods and new knowledge in order to make it manageable.

In addition to the report, the National Research Council provided a video presenting, “6 Things to Know about Cybersecurity & Public Policy.”

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