Roadmap to Recovery: A Public Health Guide for Governors

National Governors’ Association has released Roadmap to Recovery: A Public Health Guide for Governors to help states navigate reopening in a way that maximizes the public’s health and well-being.

The roadmap expands upon the recently released White House guidance “Guidelines for Opening Up America Again”, incorporating key considerations for governors specifically.  The document “acknowledges the governors’ role in making locale-specific determinations, while setting forth criteria and preparedness steps that would enable governors to take a phased approach to relaxing social distancing measures and reopen businesses.”

The roadmap consists of 10 recommendations divided into two broad categories:

 Building the Public Health Infrastructure

  • Expand testing capacity and make testing broadly available;
  • Strengthen public health surveillance to understand the spread of the disease and rapidly detect outbreaks;
  • Dramatically scale capacity for isolation, contact tracing, and quarantine;
  • Ensure the healthcare system can respond to potential surges;
  • Protect essential workers and at-risk populations;

Creating and Executing a Plan to Gradually Reopen the Economy

  • Develop a strong and clear communication and public engagement plan;
  • Create a framework for reopening;
  • Set the criteria and define the stages for reopening;
  • Build partnerships between public and private sectors to implement the plan;
  • Prepare to reassess and improve the plan frequently.

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