Global Risks Report 2019 is Released

arid earth with a dried out treeThe World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Advisory Board has released its annual overview of most pressing risks facing the world in 2019. The Global Risks Report 2019 looks at the contemporary challenges along with their potential levels of impact – “from slowing global growth and persistent inequality to climate change, geopolitical tensions and the accelerating pace of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.” The report utilizes data from the annual Global Risks Perception Survey that includes opinions of nearly 1,000 public and private decision-makers, who represent a broad and multifaceted community.

According to the World Economic Forum, global risks are intensifying while the methods of tackling them are systematically lacking. The analysis focuses on the following five areas of concern: (1) economic vulnerabilities, (2) geopolitical tensions, (3) societal and political strains, (4) environmental fragilities, and (5) technological instabilities. The subsequent chapters address each issue separately while raising additional concerns within the particular fields.

In addition, the report includes a set of narratives on future shocks that can fundamentally disrupt and alter the global stability. Of particular interest are chapters covering the use of weather manipulation to disrupt geo-politics, the future of quantum computing, the widening inequality between urban and rural areas, as well as the intensifying threat of food shortages across the world.

Furthermore, the report provides an overview of risks identified in prior surveys and attempts to trace the progress in responses from the global community. This year’s report focuses on three such risks: food security, civil society, and investment in infrastructure. In conclusion, the report offers an expert assessment of global risk management, as well as possible steps that can prepare communities in mitigating these risks.

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