Strategy for a Future Data Ecosystem

With the ever-increasing amount of data that is generated, collected, and shared in today’s society, there exists an important opportunity to develop privacy-preserving data sharing and analytics (PPDSA) methods and technologies in ways that drive innovation while providing privacy and security for the American people. In recognition of the potential of PPDSA technologies, the U.S. White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) released its report on a National Strategy to Advance Privacy-Preserving Data Sharing and Analytics. PPDSA technologies refer to types of privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs) that make data sharing and analytics possible while removing personal information, minimizing personal data, or preventing unwelcome data processing.

The Strategy addresses the current state of PPDSA technologies and key challenges before outlining strategic priorities and recommended actions that will set America on a path toward developing a data ecosystem that advances society and protects democratic values. The Strategy’s five priorities are to:

  • Advance Governance and Responsible Adoption
  • Elevate and Promote Foundational and Use-inspired Research
  • Accelerate Translation to Practice
  • Build Expertise and Promote Training and Education
  • Foster International Collaboration on PPDSA

    Privacy-preserving data sharing and analytics technologies help advance the well-being and
    prosperity of individuals and society, and promote science and innovation in a manner that
    affirms democratic values.

    – Vision Statement for the National Strategy to Advance Privacy-Preserving Data Sharing and Analytics

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