Foreign Terrorist Fighters in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands

A new Egmont Paper has been released by the Royal Institute for International Relations. Since 2012, some 1500 foreign terrorist fighters (FTF) have been to Syria and Iraq, and then have returned to Europe. This paper compares the policies of these returning FTF between Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands. These 3 countries have a third of European FTF. It is a “systematic and in-depth study” into these countries’ responses to returning FTF. With a large, never-before published data set, the hope is to become a reference point for other studies.

  • The European Experience with Foreign Fighters and Returnees
  • From the Kingdom to the Caliphate and Back: Returnees in Belgium
  • Germany’s Returning Foreign Fighters and What to Do About Them
  • Addressing the Challenge of Returnees: Threat Perceptions, Policies and
    Practices in the Netherlands
  • Conclusion: Converging Policies on Returnees and Key Challenges Ahead

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