FEMA Wants Your Feedback

FEMA’s National Integration Center is requesting feedback on five National Incident Management System (NIMS) Resource Management component documents, which were released today (5/17/2017). NIMS documents are for everyone to use, with the intention of enhancing interoperability and improving the effectiveness of mutual aid. FEMA is also hosting a number of 60-minute engagement webinars “to describe the draft documents and answer participants’ questions about providing feedback.”

The drafts awaiting feedback include the following:

  • “The draft NIMS Guideline for the National Qualification System (NQS), which describes the components of a qualification and certification system, defines a process for certifying the qualifications of incident personnel, describes how to stand up and implement a peer review process, and provides an introduction to the process of credentialing personnel.
  • A set of draft NIMS Job Titles/Position Qualifications, which define minimum qualifications criteria for personnel serving in defined deployable incident positions.
  • A set of draft NIMS Position Task Books (PTBs), which identify the competencies, behaviors, and tasks that personnel should demonstrate to become qualified for a defined incident position.
  • The draft NIMS Guideline for Mutual Aid, which provides an overview of common mutual aid practices; defines common terminology and processes; and describes an approach for creating legal agreements and operational plans.
  • The updated draft of the NIMS Guideline for the Credentialing of Personnel, which provides guidance on national credentialing standards; presents operational definitions and important terms related to credentialing; suggests ways to adapt the national credentialing standards to departmental, agency, jurisdictional, or organizational requirements; and describes how to obtain additional guidance and technical assistance on credentialing.”

Further information and links to the drafts and webinars can be found on the FEMA website.