FEMA Strategic Plan: 2022-2026

The field of emergency management has seen tremendous change in the last decade. Ten years ago, FEMA managed an average of 108 disaster emergencies a year, compared to 311 today- including the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. While FEMA’s mission of helping people has not changed, the agency finds it necessary to routinely evaluate its policies to adapt to the increasing demands on emergency managers.

FEMA has released 2022–2026 FEMA Strategic Plan Building the FEMA our Nation Needs and Deserves, highlighting the agency’s key goals for emergency management and response through the next four years:

  • Instill equity as a foundation of emergency management: Recognizing disasters effect individuals and communities differently by removing barriers to access.
  • Lead the whole of community in climate resilience: Educating communities about the risk climate change poses to the field of emergency management, while focusing on projects that protect infrastructure and community systems.
  • Promote and sustain a ready FEMA and prepared nation: Recognizing emergency preparedness as a shared responsibility to meet an expanding mission.

Today, FEMA is called upon to help its partners understand and reduce their disaster risk, to lead the coordination of federal response efforts to stabilize communities after a disaster, and to provide support for individuals and communities to build back and become more resilient than before. The agency leads the nation by building collaborative partnerships, delivering federal assistance, and providing resources to help individuals and communities review, build, and continuously improve their own capabilities.”

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