FEMA Community Vaccination Centers Playbook Update

As of February 2021, coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has claimed over 500,000 American lives.  While mitigation efforts such as social distancing and masks are effective preventative tools, the widespread administration of COVID-19 vaccines remains critical in the battle against this pandemic.

FEMA  recently released their updated  Vaccination Centers Playbook with guidance for providing federal support to Community Vaccination Centers (CVCs) to include interagency coordination, resource support, facility setup, and other requirements. CVCs are essential to support States, Tribes, and Territories (STT) vaccine administration efforts.

President Biden’s National Strategy for COVID-19 Response and Pandemic Preparedness charges FEMA with supporting the set-up and operations of these centers.

According to FEMA, federally supported vaccine sites could include a combination of:

  1. Funding- Includes federal funding for materiel, facilities, staffing, etc. to support the vaccine site. Does not include the cost of vaccines and/or ancillary kits for vaccination beyond what has already been allocated.
  2. Personnel- Federal deployment of personnel or contractors, either in clinical or non-clinical roles. National Guard troops are counted as federal support where orders were modified after Jan. 20, 2021, and increased the personnel supporting a vaccination site.
  3. Materiel- Includes tangible property, such as durable medical equipment or consumable supplies, mobile vaccination capabilities, and/or real property provided by the federal government, other than vaccines or vaccine kits.

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