Federal Films of the 20th Century

If you are a self-identified “history buff”, “film buff”, or “Americana enthusiast”, you might want to visit FedFlix. FedFlix is Joint Venture NTIS-1832 between the National Technical Information Service (NTIS) and Public.Resource.Org (PRO). The FedFlix project aims to digitize videos from NTIS, DoD and the National Archives and Records Administration, and make these videos available online through YouTube and the Internet Archive. All of the FedFlix films are in the public domain, making this archive especially useful for teaching and learning purposes. 

At this time there are more than 8,700 films available on FedFlix. The oldest dates from 1916, the newest from January 2014. An interested individual could spend hours browsing the films spanning the last 100 years. Some films are documentaries, some are speeches, some are public service announcements, and some are informational films or animations. Topics cover a wide range, as exampled below: 

  • Foreign Affairs
    • “Nuremberg” (hearings)
    • “China: The Roots of Madness”
  • Food Safety
    • “Fred and the Voice of Food Safety: How to”
    • “Science Pirates Songs – Bacteria Songs”
  • Government Experiments
    • “Mission Mind Control”
    • “Let My People Live” (TB)
  • Political Speeches
    • “The Dream of Kings” (MLK)
    • 23 Inaugural addresses
  • Historical Public Service Announcements
    • “Duck and Cover” (What to do during an air raid.)
    • “The Incredible Turk”
    • “Roswell Reports”

Watch a few of the videos, explore the topics and enjoy the immense historical value put forth by the FedFlix project. 

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