FBI Releases 2019 Statistics on Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted

The FBI has released Law Enforcement Officers Killed & Assaulted 2019, which provides statistics and data on the following: “Officers Feloniously Killed”; “Officers Accidentally Killed”; and “Federal Officers Killed and Assaulted.” Data on “Officers Assaulted” is expected to be added in the Fall of 2020. According to the reported data, officer deaths, both felonious and accidental, saw a decrease from the previous year. Officer profiles and regions in which the fatalities occurred were similar for both circumstances as well, with the average age of the officers being 40 years old and the most prominent region of incidents being the southern region. Other data such as circumstances, weapons, and suspects involved are also presented as part of the 2019 report.

It is important to note that law enforcement officers included in the 2019 report had to meet certain criteria. These officers had to be “duly sworn law enforcement officers who, at the time of the incident, met the following criteria:

  • Wore/carried badges (ordinarily).
  • Carried firearms (ordinarily).
  • Were duly sworn and had full arrest powers.
  • Were members of law enforcement agencies.
  • Were acting in an official capacity, whether on or off duty, at the time of incidents.
  • If killed, died from injuries directly related to the incidents.”


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