MS-ISAC Cybersecurity Webcast: Cybersecurity While Traveling

From the Center for Internet Security [CIS] website, a description of the MS-ISAC Cybersecurity Webcast “Cybersecurity While Traveling” states:

Recommendations for cybersecurity while traveling abroad often sound like they were taken directly from the plot of a spy movie: use clean, “throw-away” devices, accounts, and passwords; assume your devices and information will be compromised; pull the batteries out of your devices before discussing sensitive information. Similar, although slightly less scary, recommendations abound for travelers going on vacation: don’t post your location online; don’t use public Wi-Fi.

In this presentation Stacey will provide insight into the targeting, theft, scams, and espionage that has driven the creation of these often touted recommendations so you can intelligently choose which recommendations are appropriate for your (or your executive’s) next trip.

A link to register for this event can be found here.