2014 – Las Vegas Police Ambush

June 8, 2016 all-day
Las Vegas

Taken from Security Data’s website:

“On June 8th, 2014 Jerad Miller and Amanda Miller, a married couple, allegedly killed two police officers in an ambush at a pizza restaurant in Las Vegas proceeding to kill another person in a Wal Mart parking lot as they left the scene before committing suicide.  Law enforcement are believed to have discovered a manifesto written by the shooters, though its content is unknown.  The shooters reportedly yelled revolution during the shooting and left a swastika on the body of one policeman.  They had also previously spoken of targeting law enforcement officers and expressed militant views according to their neighbors.  Second Assistant Sherrif Kevin McMahill stated, “We believe that they equate government and law enforcement … with Nazis” as quoted by CNN.”

This incident relates to Feature Topic subject Lone Wolf Terrorism as well as Sovereign Citizens Movement (found on HSDL).

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