2011 – Historic tornadoes devastate southeastern United States

April 27, 2017 all-day

April 2011 is ranked as the most active tornado month on record with a total of 758 tornadoes and reported 226 tornadoes occurring on April 27th alone.

Map of April 2011 Tornado Reports

“During a 4-day period from April 25-28, 2011, more than 200 tornadoes occurred in five southeastern states. The deadliest part of the outbreak was the afternoon and evening of April 27, when a total of 122 tornadoes resulted in 313 deaths across central and northern Mississippi, central and northern Alabama, eastern Tennessee, southwestern Virginia, and northern Georgia. Three additional lives were claimed by tornadoes in the pre-dawn hours of April 27 bringing the daily total to 316. There were 15 violent (Enhanced Fujita Scale 4 or 5) tornadoes reported. Eight of the tornadoes had path lengths in excess of 50 miles. Two of the tornadoes-one in northern Alabama and another that struck the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham areas in Alabama-each claimed more than 60 lives.” — Service Assessment: The Historic Tornadoes of April 2011

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