Energy Emergencies: A Road Map for Governors

The National Governor’s Association (NGA) has released an update to their guide, Executive Authority During Energy Emergencies: A Road Map for Governors.  When an energy emergency occurs, Governors have the authority to declare a state of emergency.  This Road Map was developed to help Governors:

  • Understand state and federal legal authorities,
  • Learn about key decision points,
  • Identify when to execute formal and informal actions, and
  • Provide guidance on communication and coordination strategies.

The original guide was developed in 2018 after a roundtable of energy advisors, homeland security advisors, state emergency managers, federal officials and private sector representatives was held to enhance state energy coordination.  This 2021 update provides guidance “that addresses the additional authorities that Governors may need to respond to an energy emergency that occurs during a concurrent public health emergency, such as a pandemic.”

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