Emerging Cyber Threats, Trends, and Technologies for 2017

What does national defense, economic stability, and individual security have in common? The answer is technology. With our nation becoming more interdependent upon technology, analysts and policy makers alcybersecurityike must consider the future cyber trends and threats that will challenge the United States in 2017. The Georgia Institute of Technology has released a report titled 2017 Emerging Cyber Threats, Trends, and Technologies which details these challenges and more. The report is composed by several experts on the subject matter. The titles within the report include:

  • Insecure e-voting systems emerge, but crowdsourcing and open source may hold promise.
  • Ransomware on the Rise: It’s Just Malware, People
  • Global information manipulation by nation-states now widespread
  • Healthcare fraud takes off in the absence of good defenses
  • When trust is lost, ‘smarts’ are too: Why smart devices and cities need cybersecurity
  • Dual-use technologies — exploits and encryption — come under scrutiny
  • Without open sources and evidence, attribution meets skepticism
  • As demand for security professionals rises, colleges adapt

Each of the discussions on the subject matter listed above include possible solutions to the issues discussed. For more information on cyber security and technology please visit the Homeland Security Digital Library. Some material may require HSDL login.