Elections Under Threat from AI Image Generators

The Center for Countering Digital Hate has recently released “Fake Image Factories: How AI Image Generators Threaten Election Integrity and Democracy,” a report detailing the dangers AI generated images pose to a fair and legitimate U.S. election. AI image generators can not only generate false election fraud and intimidation photos, but also false candidate specific images. While social media platforms tend to have safe guards in place to prevent the spread of disinformation, in some cases AI generated images are still being freely shared with no statements refuting their legitimacy. As the U.S. presidential election draws nearer, the amount and severity of these AI generated images are likely to increase. Preventing this kind of disinformation is crucial to the stability of current and future elections.

Both AI image generators and social media platforms will have to improve their community standards and safe guards in order to combat this issue. According to this report, AI tools and platforms should work towards preventing the creation of deceptive and potentially harmful media while providing ways for users to report such abuses. Additionally, policymakers will have to work towards creating legislation that improves AI products and election safety.

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