‘Does Averting a School Attack Ensure That the Threat of Violence Has Been Mitigated?’

Does averting a school attack ensure that the threat of violence has been mitigated?” This is the question researchers investigate in a new study released by the National Policing Institute.

In seeking to answer this question, the authors analyze a case study revolving around two events that took place in Michigan. In 2018, a school shooting was averted at Paw Paw High school in Michigan when the suspect was arrested after his mother reported his plot to the police. Three years later, after spending time in a juvenile facility, the same suspect perpetrated a shooting on a pier in South Haven, Michigan. He shot two people, killing one, before eventually killing himself.

The full report can be accessed below, as the authors describe lessons learned from this case study, and present new strategies to potentially mitigate future violence.

Managing High-Risk Adolescents in Community Contexts: The Averted Paw Paw High School and South Haven Pier Shooting in Michigan

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