DoD Unveils Strategy for Defense Industrial Base Cybersecurity

The Department of Defense (DoD) has released its Defense Industrial Base Cybersecurity Strategy (DoD DIB Cybersecurity Strategy) for fiscal years 2024-2027.

The report outlines a strategic plan focused on cybersecurity within the DoD. It discusses how the goals and objectives of this strategy align with broader national defense and cybersecurity priorities, emphasizing collaboration with industry partners. The paper details four specific goals aimed at strengthening cybersecurity measures within the DIB and highlights the importance of working with industry, academia, and research organizations to achieve these objectives. Overall, the document addresses the DoD’s efforts to enhance cybersecurity capabilities and protect critical infrastructure against cyber threats.

You can find a copy of the 2024 DoD DIB Cybersecurity Strategy in the HSDL.

For more information, check out HSDL’s Focus topics on Cyber PolicyCyber Infrastructure Protection, and Cyber Crime and National Security.

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