DoD Releases 2018 Nuclear Posture Review

The Department of Defense (DoD), Office of the Secretary of Defense have released the 2018 Nuclear Posture Review. President Trump directed the DoD to conduct the review in order to “ensure a safe, secure, and effective nuclear
deterrent that protects the homeland, assures allies and above all, deters adversaries.” The President also stated the goal of ridding the world of nuclear weapons in a prudent manner, while updating America’s own nuclear capabilities to be safe and secure. While Russia, China, North Korea, and others challenge America’s interests with their own nuclear weapons, the U.S. must adapt to a challenging and dynamic environment.

The report is separated into 10 sections:

  1. Introduction to U.S. Nuclear Policy and Strategy
  2. An Evolving and Uncertain International Security Environment
  3. Why U.S. Nuclear Capabilities?
  4. Enduring National Objectives and the Roles of Nuclear Weapons in U.S. National Security Strategy
  5. Tailored Strategies and Flexible Capabilities
  6. U.S. Strategies to Counter Contemporary Threats
  7. Current and Future U.S. Nuclear Capabilities
  8. Nuclear Weapons Infrastructure
  9. Countering Nuclear Terrorism
  10. Non-Proliferation and Arms Control

More information can be found at the DoD website. The 2010 Review can also be found on the HSDL.