Disaster Medicine & Physician Preparedness: Southern Medical Journal

Southern Medical Journal: Disaster Medicine & Physician Preparedness (January 2013)

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Southern Medical Journal is currently offering free access to its latest issue that covers the topics of disaster medicine and physician preparedness. The journal features 24 articles, including two editorials, six articles on physician preparedness, ten articles on healthcare system preparedness, and six articles on patient care preparedness.

From the opening editorial: “[I]t is a professional and an ethical responsibility to potential patients and society for physicians to engage in sufficient self-learning that would provide them with at least an acceptable level of clinical preparation to meet the demands of caring for victims of a disaster in their town, city, county, or state. We have seen that such disasters can strike anywhere and at any time, so the practical warning all of us has received has been the knowledge of previous disaster events that required physicians to mobilize, triage, organize, and manage casualties of a nature that is not a regular occurrence in our practices.”

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