Digital Map Shows Real-Time Cyber Attacks

Globe and satellite A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is considered an attempt to make an online service unavailable by jamming or overwhelming it with traffic. These attacks may target a wide variety of frequently-used or critical resources, such as bank servers, news media outlets, or government websites.

The new “Digital Attack Map” by Google Ideas and Arbor Networks provides a real-time digital display of the world’s cyber attack environment. The interactive map allows the user to zoom in anywhere in the world and shows specific attack details when the user holds the cursor over attack regions. Data displayed includes: bandwidth, duration, type of attack (internal, between two countries, etc.), and source.

The map provides an incredible resource for providing insight into the world of DDoS attacks through its active visualization tools. With the knowledge that this map provides, anyone can see that the threat of DDoS attacks is real and that we can work together to reduce the threat and improve internet security. Check out these Featured Topics in the Homeland Security Digital Library to find out more about Cyber Security (please note: login may be required to view some of these resources):

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