DHS Releases Homeland Threat Assessment

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has just released its 2024 Homeland Threat Assessment (HTA), providing a comprehensive overview of the most pressing threats facing the United States. This annual report serves as a tool for the Biden Administration and its partners in preparing for and responding to the ever-evolving threat landscape. By sharing threat information with the public, they hope to enable a more informed response to security challenges. 

One notable change in DHS’ approach is that the annual HTA will now become the primary means of sharing the terrorism threat level. Previously, the National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS) conveyed this information. NTAS advisories will now be used for situations requiring immediate public alerts about specific or imminent terrorist threats or changes in the threat level. 

The 2024 HTA identifies several key assessments: 

  • Public Safety and Security: Lethal threats in the Homeland, including terrorism, illegal drugs, nation-state efforts to malignly influence US audiences, as well as transnational repression, are the primary national security threats to our communities. 
  • Border and Immigration Security: The Department expects ongoing border and immigration security challenges to persist. Additionally, the availability and deadliness of drugs like fentanyl are on the rise, contributing to these challenges. 
  • Critical Infrastructure: DHS is preparing for adversaries, both domestic and foreign, to target U.S. critical infrastructure, especially the transportation sector. They aim to disrupt services, gain network access, and steal sensitive information. These threats are evolving with increased calls for physical attacks and the use of technologies like artificial intelligence by foreign actors. 
  • Economic Security: Economic threats, driven by both nations like China and profit-focused cybercriminals, harm American businesses and consumers. These threats involve market manipulation, economic espionage, and the illicit acquisition of U.S. technologies and intellectual property. 

Overall, the 2024 Homeland Threat Assessment serves as a critical resource for understanding and addressing these multifaceted security challenges, guiding the nation’s efforts to safeguard its homeland. 

You can read the complete report here

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