DHS Blueprint for a Secure Cyber Future

Blueprint for a Secure Cyber Future Report Cover The Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) report Blueprint for a Secure Cyber Future: The Cybersecurity Strategy for the Homeland Security Enterprise “builds on the Department of Homeland Security Quadrennial Homeland Security Review Report’s strategic framework by providing a clear path to create a safe, secure, and resilient cyber environment for the homeland security enterprise. With this guide, stakeholders at all levels of government, the private sector, and our international partners can work together to develop the cybersecurity capabilities that are key to our economy, national security, and public health and safety.

The Blueprint describes two areas of action:
• Protecting our Critical Information Infrastructure Today, and
• Building a Stronger Cyber Ecosystem for Tomorrow.

The Blueprint is designed to protect our most vital systems and assets and, over time, drive fundamental change in the way people and devices work together to secure cyberspace. The integration of privacy and civil liberties protections into the Department’s cybersecurity activities is fundamental to safeguarding and securing cyberspace.”

Fact Sheet: Blueprint for a Secure Cyber Future

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