Department of Homeland Security: 2014 Travel and Trade Statistics

Department of Homeland Security In a press release published today, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced its 2014 Travel and Trade Statistics. These statistics are provided by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) departments of the U.S. government. In the press release, Secretary Jeh C. Johnson expresses the following sentiment concerning the statistics for 2014,

“This is critically important work, and our employees’ achievements are self-evident: in 2014, the TSA screened more than 650 million passengers, nearly 1.8 million each and every day, while CBP processed 31 million imports, $2.4 trillion in trade, and 374 million travelers. I salute our employees’ efforts that have led to these important successes.”

The press release continues with the following sections of information. Each section includes highlights of the statistical review:

  • TSA Record-Breaking Year
    • TSA screened a total of 653,487,270 passengers in 2014. This is 14,781,480 more passengers compared to 2013 statistics.
    • A total of 443 million checked and 1.7 billion carry-on bags were screened by TSA this past year.
    • 800,000 plus travelers were enrolled in TSA Pre✓® in 2014.
  • Protecting the Public: Firearm Seizures
    • 2,212 firearms were located within carry-on bags at TSA checkpoints. This statistic represents a 22 percent increase compared to the 1,813 firearms discovered in 2013.
  • Travel Facilitation Supporting Economic Prosperity
    • 374 million visitors to the United States entered the country by air, land, or sea according to CBP statistics. This represents a 4 percent increase in visitors compared to 2013 statistics.
  • Utilizing Technology to Improve the Passenger Experience
    • To enhance the passenger experience in 2014, CBP improved the Automated Passport Control kiosk program and began the Mobile Passport Control app in 2014. The Automated Passport Control kiosk program introduced kiosks in 22 locations, helping to reduce passenger wait times and increase security measures. The Mobile Passport Control app introduced, “…an automated process through the CBP Primary Inspection area,” in 2014.
  • Trusted Traveler Programs
    • 1.25 million people enrolled in the CBP’s Trusted Travel Program in 2014. A total of 3.3 million individuals are now enrolled in this program.
  • Preclearance Expansion
    • The Abu Dhabi International Airport was added as the 15th CBP Preclearance location in 2014.
  • Trade Facilitation
    • $2.4 trillion in trade was processed by CBP in 2014. This number represents a 4 percent increase from 2013.
    • $34 billion in duties were collected by CBP in 2014. This number represents a 2 percent increase from 2013.
    • $1.6 trillion in U.S. exported goods were processed by CBP in 2014. This number represents a 4 percent increase from 2013.
    • The CBP performed 23,000 seizures of goods in 2014 that were in violation of intellectual property rights. These seizures included items such as counterfeit Beats by Dre headphones, guitars, and soccer apparel.
  • Modernizing Trade Systems
    • In 2014, improvements were made to the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) system, an import and export processing system of CBP. These improvements have allowed to CBP, “…to move from paper and legacy system requirements to faster, modernized and more cost-effective electronic submissions.”

For more information about trade and travel in the United States, make sure to check out the Homeland Security Digital Library’s (HSDL) Border Security Featured Topics page and the following document in the HSDL collection (HSDL log-in may be required):




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