DARPA Immune Building Program to protect against C/B attack

The Defense Department is developing a system to protect U.S. buildings from chemical and biological attack. Researchers are developing a ventilation-based system that will make use of new detection, filtration, neutralization and decontamination technologies. According to Immune Building Program Manager Wayne Bryden, “The DARPA Immune Building Program has developed the machinery and the industrial base to provide protection against C/B attack for all buildings in the nation.” The full article is available at http://www.govexec.com/dailyfed/0804/082604gsn2.htm The Immune Building Demonstration Website is at https://dtsn.darpa.mil/ibdemo/ and areas of interest for the Immune Building Demonstration Phase can be viewed at https://dtsn.darpa.mil/ibdemo/Innov_Tech_IB_Demo_Phase.pdf

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