Dangers of Emerging Military Technologies

In a new report published by the Arms Control Association, the author warns of the potential dangers of four emerging technologies and their use in military operations. Titled Assessing the Dangers: Emerging Military Technologies and Nuclear (In)Stability, the report examines autonomous weapons systems, hypersonic weapons, cyberattacks, and automated battlefield decision-making; and the threats they each present. For each of these technologies (or technological applications), the author provides an in-depth overview with information related to recent developments, risk assessments, and potential arms control strategies.

The report concludes by offering a framework strategy to reduce the escalation of danger associated with these emerging military technologies. Though little progress has been made toward this goal thus far, the author suggests that now is the time to act:

As they become more widely deployed, […] the threats they pose to human control of escalation dynamics and strategic stability will become ever more acute. This is the ideal moment, then, to devise and begin to implement measures designed to curtail this dangerous process.

More resources related to emerging military technologies can be found at HSDL. Also, be sure to check out the In Focus collection on Artificial Intelligence.

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