DoD Unveils First Commercial Space Integration Strategy

The Department of Defense (DoD) released its first DoD Commercial Space Integration Strategy. Aligning with the National Security Strategy and the 2022 National Defense Strategy, the Department aims to incorporate commercial space solutions into national security space systems more effectively.

To maximize the potential benefits of integrating commercial space solutions, the strategy outlines four main priorities:

  1. Ensure access to commercial solutions across the spectrum of conflict;
  2. Achieve integration prior to crisis;
  3. Establish the security conditions to integrate commercial space solutions; and
  4. Support the development of new commercial space solutions for use by the Joint Force.

To implement this strategy, the Department will adhere to four foundational principles: balance, interoperability, resilience, and responsible conduct. Collaboration with commercial entities will be crucial to mitigate risks and accept them where appropriate. By integrating commercial space solutions, the Department hopes to prevent adversaries’ from gaining advantages through attacks on national security space systems and also promote a safe, secure, stable, and sustainable space environment.

You can read the whole strategy here.

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