Cloud Smart: A New Computing Strategy

The United States office of Management and Budget released a new report titled Federal Cloud Computing Strategy. This report is the product of the Report to the President on Federal IT Modernization and Executive Order 13800, both released in 2017, and the effort to update the Government’s legacy Federal Cloud Computing Strategy, also known as “Cloud First”

Key actions from the report are:

  • Cloud at a GlanceGlobe connections
    • Redefining Cloud Computing
    • Modernization and Maturity
  • Security
    • Trusted Internet Connections
    • Continuous Data Protection and Awareness
    • FedRAMP
  • Procurement
    • Category Management
    • Service Level Agreements
    • Security Requirements for Contracts
  • Workforce
    • Identifying Skill Gaps for Current and Future Work Roles
    • Reskilling and Retaining Current Federal Employees
    • Recruiting and Hiring to Address Skill Gaps
    • Employee Communication, Engagement, and Transition Strategies
    • Removing Barriers to Hiring Talent Expeditiously

This is an updated policy that will change as technologies continue to evolve.

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