CISA AI Roadmap, 2023-2024

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has released its “2023-2024 CISA Roadmap for Artificial Intelligence” report. The roadmap outlines actions to promote beneficial uses of AI for cybersecurity, protect AI systems from cybersecurity threats, and deter malicious actors from exploiting AI capabilities in order to threaten critical infrastructure.

Earlier, in 2022, CISA released its Strategic Plan for 2023-2025. In that strategy, it outlined four goals: Cyber Defense; Risk Reduction and Resilience; Operational Collaboration; and Agency Unification. This current roadmap delves into how those goals are affected by AI, and incorporates them further by developing “Five Lines of Effort” that “detail how CISA will accomplish these goals.”

Included as an appendix is a helpful list of government publications on AI policy.

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