New CHDS Self-Study Course: The History of Homeland Security

The Center for Homeland Defense and Security (CHDS) invites you to participate in their new self-study course: The History of Homeland Security.

This 11-hour course is taught by homeland security experts Alan Bersin, Nate Bruggeman, and Ben Rohrbaugh, and includes the following 9 modules:

Module 1: Historical Homeland Security and Civil Defense

Module 2: Origins of the Modern Homeland Security Enterprise

Module 3: International Terrorism, the Shock of 9/11, and the Enduring Terror Threat

Module 4: The Formation of the Department of Homeland Security

Module 5: Hurricane Katrina and the New Era of Natural Disasters

Module 6: Twentieth Century Immigration Systems Meet Twenty-First Century Migration

Module 7: Critical Infrastructure and Law Enforcement in the Cyber Age

Module 8: Infectious Disease, the COVID-19 Pandemic, and the Future of Civilian Safety

Module 9: The Future of Homeland Security

Click here to read a thorough description of the course and watch a short introductory video.

For further materials, visit HSDL’s large variety of In-Focus topics related to homeland security, view the collection of Critical Releases in Homeland Security and explore the COVID-19 archive.

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