Cascadia Rising Exercise 2016: FEMA Prepares for the Next “Big One”

The Emergency Operations and Coordination Center (EOC/ECC) under FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) along with all levels of government and private sector in Washington and Oregon will conduct a four day emergency management exercise called Cascadia Rising to simulate a field response to a Cascadia Subduction Zone catastrophic earthquake and tsunami. In preparation, the State of Oregon has composed the Cascadia Rising Exercise Scenario Document that outlines the comprehensive exercise and assesses the potential areas of impact. The document expounds on the vulnerability of critical infrastructure and provides maps, tables, and statistics related to the subject matter.

The Cascadia SubductioJoplin Tornadon Zone spans three states from northern California to southern British Columbia. Scientific evidence not only indicates that this subduction zone is overdue for a quake, but also that it is capable of producing a 9.0 magnitude earthquake on the Richter scale. The result could be the most complex disaster scenario that federal, state, and local emergency responders face in the Pacific Northwest. The past earthquakes in Indonesia, Chile, and Japan are a testimony to the power and potential catastrophic impacts that an earthquake of this magnitude could pose to the Pacific Northwest.

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