California SMARTER Plan

The State of California, via their website California for All, has released the new report, “California SMARTER: The Next Phase of California’s COVID-19 Response.

“SMARTER” stands for “Shots, Masks, Awareness, Readiness, Testing, Education and Rx (prescriptions and treatments).”

The goals for each of these metrics are:

  • Shots: Capacity to administer at least 200,000 vaccines per day
  • Masks: Maintain a stockpile of 75 million high quality masks and the capability to distribute them
  • Awareness: Maintain capability to promote vaccination, masking and other mitigation measures
  • Readiness: Surveillance (wastewater and hospitals) and surge staffing (ability to add 3,000 clinical staff as needed)
  • Testing: Capacity to perform at least 500,000 tests per day
  • Education: Focus on expanding vaccination rates among kids
  • Rx: Ensure allocations of effective therapeutics are ordered within 48 hours

The report also provides an overview of California’s response so far, and what lessons were learned. The SMARTER plan’s purpose is not just to focus on future COVID-19 response, but to help prepare California for better and faster response in all future emergencies.

Our smarter path will enable us to be fully prepared and respond to the changing nature of the COVID-19 pandemic. The specific metrics of preparedness … will help focus our efforts to ensure we have the necessary resources and capabilities in place.

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