By the Numbers: ICE and CBP in 2015

Fiscal Year 2015 data was released last week from the Department of Homeland Security, summarizing apprehensions and removals for both Customs and Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Both of these reports provide an overview of department operations as well as some statistics covering multiple years.

ICE, in FY15, conducted 235,413 removals, including 139,368 (59%) convicted criminals. 202,152 were classified as Civil Immigration Enforcement Priority 1, meaning they were “national security threats, convicted felons or ‘aggravated felons,’ active criminal gang participants, and illegal entrants apprehended at the border.”

The CPB reports a large decrease, 68%, in apprehensions of migrants from nations other than Mexico compared to 2014 figures. This could be due, in part, to the ‘Dangers of the Journey’ and ‘Know the Facts’ campaigns conducted by the CBP in recent years. In FY15 CBP reached up to 75 million people in Mexico and Central America with the ‘Know the Facts’ campaign aimed at educating potential migrants of the dangers of the illegal journey as well as informing them of US immigration policies. The CBP also reports 2.1 million pounds in drug seizures and nearly $20 million in currency seizures during 2015.

The full ICE report can be found here on the HSDL.

The full CBP report can be found here on the HSDL.

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