Building Resilience in the US Electrical Grid

Last week, our blog highlighted the Joint United States-Canada Electric Grid Security and Resilience Strategy, detailing vulnerabilities in the electrical grids of both nations and outlining a plan to build greater resilience in the system. The Joint Plan does not create binding obligations, but depends on collaborative efforts from both nations as defined in their respective plans of action. The National Electric Grid Security and Resilience Action Plan, released this month, covers how the United States will implement the plan to protect America’s electric grid and prevent future disruptions.

The US plan features many of the same objectives detailed in the Joint Plan, such as enhanced information sharing and aligning standards across the infrastructure, but goes into further detail concerning the roles and responsibilities of various agencies within the government. Agencies such as DHS and DOE are tasked with producing deliverables outlined in the plan and given deadlines to provide them.

The Plan states three primary goals:

Goal 1: Protect Today’s Electric Grid and Enhance Preparedness

Goal 2: Manage Contingencies and Enhance Response and Recovery Efforts

Goal 3: Build a More Secure and Resilient Future Electric Grid

Access the full document here on the HSDL.