“Beyond the Border”: The Partnership between The U.S. and Canada

The United States and Canada have a deeply-rooted past (regarding history, geography, and people) and with so have achieved to have the “largest bilateral trading relationship in the world[.]” These neighboring countries have traded over “$700 billion in 2012” (with each other) which continues to support “millions of jobs in each country[.]” The U.S. and Canada continue to develop a safe and secure path for trade and travel, while being wary of, “terrorists, criminals, and illegal or unauthorized goods.”

This Implementation Report highlights how the U.S. and Canada’s partnership have developed since the Beyond the Border Declaration in 2011, strengthening their ties through numerous accomplishments. Listed are a few of the achieved goals:

  • “Strengthened cyber incident management coordination between Canada and the United States and enhanced private sector engagement and public awareness on cyber security.”
  • “Conducted the first ever cross-border Regional Resilience Assessment Program project in the Maine-New Brunswick region to improve the security and resilience of our shared critical infrastructure[.]”
  • “Released the first joint Border Infrastructure Investment Plan to ensure a mutual understanding of recent, ongoing and planned border infrastructure improvements and confirmed Canada’s immediate investment plans at key border crossings.”
  • “Increased and harmonized the threshold value for low-value commercial shipments, reducing transaction costs for industry by millions of dollars each year.”
  • “Enhanced the administration and enforcement of our respective immigration laws by signing an agreement for the sharing of visa and immigration information on third-country nationals.”


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