Beyond “Heat” Dome: Staying Safe in Harsh Heat

sunset-1122188_1920It’s that time of year again. You wake up, get dressed, and organize a day of outdoor, fun-filled summer activities. Only to have plans change once you open the front door. Instead of basking in the sun, the oppressive heat forces you into a Netflix marathon while the air conditioner toils away.

If the feeling is new this weekend, you may be experiencing  high temperatures caused by a “Heat Dome.” This weather pattern occurs when “a ridge, or a high-pressure system, traps hot air underneath it creating unusually hot and humid conditions.” These conditions cause the heat index, or the combined humidity and actual temperature, to reach dangerous levels that can be life threatening. Heat advisories have been issued for over a dozen states all around the country. Furthermore, President Obama has issued a warning via twitter to “drink water, stay out of the sun, and check on your neighbors.”

At the Homeland Security Digital Library (HSDL), we have a large assortment of documents concerning emergency preparedness due to rising temperatures and climate change. Our library includes topics exploring city resilience, economic risks, extreme heat, and many others. A brief search of our Climate Change Feature Topic can locate these and many other sources to prepare for the high temperatures and the effects of climate change. (some resources may require HSDL login.)