Author: HSDL Staff

Domestic Terrorism: Jihadist/Islamist

A brief, targeted collection of foundational documents, recently-released documents of particular interest, or items of potential importance related to Domestic Terrorism: Jihadist/Islamist. These items are hand-selected and vetted by the HSDL content team. Resources are grouped by Government Reports, Hearings, Reports & Studies, Theses, Websites, Documents, and more.

Fall 2015 Newsletter

In this issue: ISIS attacks, active shooters, Cuba, El Nino, LLIS consolidation Breaking News – Islamic State The recent acts of violence perpetrated against innocent civilians in Paris and Beirut by the Islamic State have drawn further attention to the terror group’s global reach. The international community has responded with...

Spring 2015 Newsletter

In this issue: community policing, outlaw motorcycle gangs, lightning, and LLIS project. Community Policing Can ongoing communication between law enforcement officials and the communities they serve defuse confrontations and reduce forceful responses from both sides during developing and potentially violent situations? Assigning police officers to specific areas so they become...