Right-Wing Extremist Fundraising

As mainstream social media companies have increased their scrutiny and moderation of right-wing extremist (RWE) content and groups, there’s been a move to alternative online content platforms. There’s also growing concern about right-wing extremism in Australia, and about how this shift has diversified the mechanisms used to fundraise by RWE entities […] The fundraising facilitated by these platforms not only has the potential to grow the resources of groups and individuals linked to right-wing extremism, but it’s also likely to be a means of building the RWE community both within Australia and with overseas groups and a vector for spreading RWE propaganda through the engagement inherent in fundraising efforts. – from ‘Buying and Selling Extremism: New Funding Opportunities in the Right-Wing Extremist Online Ecosystem

This recent release from Australian think tank, Australian Strategic Policy Institute’s International Cyber Policy Centre (ASPI-ICPC) examines how right-wing extremists (RWE) exploit online ecosystems to spread their content and for fundraising purposes.

The report provides an analysis of a small sample of Australian Telegram channels with RWE content in order to provide a ‘preliminary mapping of where the Australian RWE ecosystem fundraises online.’  They identify at least 22 different platforms, payment services, online tools, and cryptocurrencies being used to solicit, process and earn funds.

These findings not only offer a glimpse into this emerging threat to Australian security, but provide key insight into parallel right-wing fundraising tactics being employed in the United States and abroad.

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