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The Ask a Librarian email reference service is provided to HSDL users with mission-related inquiries that are brief or factual in nature. In most cases we will respond to questions within two working days (Federal Holidays excluded). You may submit a question anytime!

If you are a student or researcher/educator at a university, or if you are a federal government official, we strongly recommend you ask the Librarian available at your institution. He or she would be best able to meet your specific research needs in more depth.

Please use this form to submit your inquiry. Please see the specific information we request below. It is not necessary to address every point; however, we can most effectively help you if you provide us with as many details as possible.

  • What would you like to know? Be as specific as possible. Please explain acronyms or unusual terms.
  • What resources have you already consulted? What were the results of those searches?
  • Do you have suggestions for keywords, acronyms, synonyms, or phrases?
  • If this question is for a class assignment, please identify the class, professor, and institution.
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