Are You Ready for the Frankenstorm?


Hurricane Sandy is a category-1 storm that is estimated to bring “life-threatening flooding to the US mid-Atlantic coast and hurricane-force winds from Virginia to Massachusetts, Monday evening and into Tuesday.” The storm has been gaining more strength, with winds of over 90 miles per hour, and conditions are anticipated to worsen as the day goes on. The massive hurricane “is expected to paralyze life for millions of people in more than a half-dozen states in the Northeast, with widespread power failures, a halt in transportation systems and extensive evacuations.” Evacuations have already been underway in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg ordered evacuations of over 375,000 people in low-lying areas.

The storm is being covered by local, national, and international news agencies, is splashing across social media sites, and even has its own webcam. The links below provide numerous preparedness resources, videos, maps, tracking information and photos, and everything else you need to know about this monster of a storm.

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