Are Border Patrol Agents Infringing upon Civil Liberties on New York Trains?

Train The New York Civil Liberties Union examines recent incidents of armed U.S. Customs and Border Protection [CBP] Agents boarding buses and trains in upstate New York, nowhere near the border in order to question passengers about their citizenship or immigration status. The report suggests that the Border Patrol is employing such tactics to increase arrest rates, because if a passenger does not produce documentation found to be acceptable to the agent the person can be subject to arrest, detention or possible deportation.

From the report: “This report sheds light on the Border Patrol’s ‘show me your papers, please’ approach to immigration enforcement and serves as an impetus for more transparency and closer scrutiny of CBP practices. The report also serves as a warning sign for the need to examine Border Patrol practices beyond buses and trains, and particularly practices that raise concerns regarding Fourth Amendment violations and racial profiling. The report calls on the CBP to conform its practices to democratic principles and legal and regulatory standards, and to curb its incursion into the country’s interior.”

Click on the link for the full report Justice Derailed: What Raids on Trains and Buses Reveal about Border Patrol’s Interior Enforcement Practices

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