Antisemitism Worldwide Report for 2022

The Center for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry and the Anti-Defamation League presented the Antisemitism Worldwide Report for 2022. The purpose of the report is to present the increases and decreases in the number of antisemitic incidents around the world. According to the report, the United States in home to the largest Jewish minority in the world and consequently saw a steep rise in anti-Jewish hate crimes. This year, the report focused on physical assaults in several cities with poor reputations regarding antisemitic violence. The reasons for such crimes span from hatred of Israel to generic bullying impulses that target vulnerable communities. The location of the crimes also varies from public transportation to the streets in Urban areas. These attacks are not often premeditated, but usually target “visibly-identifiable” Jews, such as the ultra-Orthodox (Haredi) Jews donning kippot, black hats, and/or shtreimel.

This report is divided into three sections: Global Overview, Case Studies, and Crisis in the United States. In the latter section, there is an interview with former Senator Joseph Lieberman, “the only American Jew to ever run on the national ticket of a major political party.” In this interview, Lieberman reflects on the rise of antisemitism in America and how Donald Trump’s bigotry filled language fuels hate crimes and how he somehow manages to maintain support.

The authors plea for the aid of governments and law enforcement to carry out severe consequences for even minor “racially motivated” incidents, such as egg-throwing and spitting. On the other hand, they caution against politicizing and sensationalizing incidents. Incidents should be reported accurately and investigated using careful methodologies.

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