America’s Poor Infrastructure

America received its Infrastructure Report Card, and it is not likely to go up on the refrigerator. The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) evaluated the United States’ infrastructure on 16 categories, covering topics such as transportation, water, energy, and education. With each category graded individually, the US infrastructure as a whole landed somewhere between mediocre and poor, with a D+.

The ASCE points to three solutions: Investment, Leadership & Planning, and Preparing for the Future. On the financial front, the United States is facing a funding gap of more than two trillion from the $4.59 trillion in total needs. Accounting for more than half of that deficit is surface transportation, with a $1.1 trillion gap in funding. The second largest gap in funding is for our nation’s schools, which accounts for $380 billion of the total gap.

While America received a D or D+ rating in most of the 16 categories, America’s rail system received a B while transit received an almost failing D- grade.

You can review the full report card here on the HSDL. Non-registered readers can find the report card on the website.