America’s Infrastructure: Needs Improvement

Behind the video examples of infrastructure, the ASCE’s (American Society of Civil Engineers) 2017 Infrastructure Report Card website reviews the state of America’s Infrastructure. Currently, the rating is “poor, at risk”, a D+. According to their grading scale, “The infrastructure is in poor to fair condition and mostly below standard, with many elements approaching the end of their service life. A large portion of the system exhibits significant deterioration. Condition and capacity are of serious concern with strong risk of failure.” With report cards all the way back from 1988, this site provides a glimpse through the eyes of 28 civil engineers with a wealth of experience across different specialties. They are all volunteers, and they dedicate their time to see how the country is doing in relation to capacity, condition, funding, future need, operation and maintenance, public safety, resilience, and innovation. The website also separates the information by type of infrastructure (aviation, dams, energy, etc.), state, solutions, the impact, and also how to get involved.