Always Be Prepared with the National Preparedness Toolkit

National Preparedness week is approaching (March 2-8, 2014) and the National Preparedness Community wants to make sure that we are prepared if more extreme conditions were to come. On their website, the National Preparedness Community illustrates the importance of community assistance as well as how one should prepare in case of a disaster. On their site, they encourage viewers to: Find Events, View their Discussion board, Review their Preparedness Resources, Read the National Announcement and most important, check out their Preparedness Toolkit. They recently released a newsletter informing viewers on FEMA updates, and a Member Spotlight which focused on the Cumberland Disaster Recovery Coalition (CDRC) and their tips on disaster preparedness. FEMA also has their Emergency Supply Kit with a checklist specifically for kids and parents. Be sure to also view to know the extreme weather risks in your area as well as the instructional videos demonstrating the necessities one needs in a time of disaster. The Homeland Security Digital Library [HSDL] also has reports regarding prior emergency programs and a featured topic regarding climate change.

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