AI’s Impact on Democracy and Public Policy

The Institute for Strategic Dialogue’s Digital Policy Lab (DPL) focuses on developing a policy path toward preventing and countering online disinformation, extremism, and hate content.  The DPL has released the publication, Terrorism, Extremism, Disinformation and Artificial Intelligence: A Primer for Policy Practitioners, as an introductory tool for international policymakers’ use to inform discussions and thought in a world where the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on democracy and online content is undeniable and immense.

The paper begins with an introduction to the concept of AI and its place in society, including specific technologies like generative AI. The second section of the paper sorts AI systems by how they relate to disinformation, extremism, or otherwise ‘legal but harmful’ online content, including how such systems can present a risk to public safety. And finally, the paper discusses the ever-developing field of AI ethics, regulation, and resources to help inform global policymakers on how best to protect human citizens in the form of AI governance.

For more information, check out HSDL’s In Focus topics on Artificial Intelligence, Disinformation, and Online Extremism.

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